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Work Experience

Software Engineer                                       June 2015 - Present

Aviso, Inc.                                                                         Hyderabad, India


  • Developed web pages and template libraries using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript.

  • Coded and developed new solutions and maintained existing program code.

  • Participated in introduction of new features for websites.

  • Designed and developed software solutions for Agile software teams.

  • Provided technical assistance for styling of web sites and web apps.

  • Prepared and reported project status updates to senior managers and remote team.

  • Supported development teams with web content and application functionality.

  • Identified, analyzed and resolved software bugs during testing and production stages.

  • Implemented gathering of functional requirements and formulated technical specifications.

  • Provided technical support during design and code reviews for functional changes.

  • Participated in updating new technologies and standards for JavaScript and related web services.

Intern and Project Lead                  January 2015 - May 2015

Aviso, Inc.                                                                        Hyderabad, India


  • Contributed to design and develop systems architecture.

  • Implemented core functionalities using Python and web pages using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Django.

  • Suggested and implemented new features for existing project.

  • Cooperated with analysis and management team to understand project requirements and directed it back to team.

  • Provided assistance and guidance to team on development areas, review and resolve software issues

  • Designed and developed database systems and optimized program code.

  • Coordinated with other teams to ensure smooth delivery of the project.

  • Developed, Deployed in amazon machines(AWS), maintained and enhanced the project.

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